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Homeowners Wanted for Lighting Research (Ended)

Thanks for your interest! We are an energy efficiency research company and want to better understand lighting usage in your area. With your help we can build a more efficient energy future!

How does it work?


1. Sign up online or by phone.

2. We'll schedule a quick visit to your home.

2. We'll schedule a quick visit to your home.

If you're a homeowner in PA, MD or NJ you are eligible to participate. To sign up, simply fill out the contact form below or call us at (857) 330-0301 before December 20, 2019.  We'll work with you to arrange a home visit. We have completed our study in MA, RI, and CT.


2. We'll schedule a quick visit to your home.

2. We'll schedule a quick visit to your home.

2. We'll schedule a quick visit to your home.

One of our technicians will visit your home and gather information about the lighting you use. The home visit shouldn't take very long at all and you won't have to do a thing.


3. Get a gift card!

2. We'll schedule a quick visit to your home.

3. Get a gift card!

Before our technician leaves they will give you an Amazon gift card as thank you for your time. Your contribution to our research is much appreciated! 


BONUS: Please help spread the word! If you refer someone else who is qualified you can earn an additional $50 Amazon gift card per referral.

Still have questions? Learn more in our FAQ section below or give us a call!

Sign up below by December 20, 2019

Ridgeline Energy Analytics, Inc.

179 Great Road #366, Stow, MA 01775, US

Have a question? Call us at 857-330-0301

REFERRAL OPPORTUNITY: Know another homeowner that may be interested?

Earn an additional $50 Amazon Gift Card with every qualified homeowner participant. Please make sure they mention your name when signing up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Light logger actual size 2'' x 1'' x 1/2''.

Who are we?

Ridgeline Energy Analytics is a leading energy efficiency research company. We are conducing this research in partnership with American Efficient to take a closer look at the energy used for lighting in homes across several states. It is American Efficient’s mission to reduce energy consumption by helping America use less – “The cleanest and least expensive energy is the energy you never have to consume.” 

This is not a sales or marketing effort. At no time will your information be shared.

Why are we conducting lighting research?

The best way to improve our energy efficiency is to figure out how much we are currently using. We have data on overall energy use, but we want to know how much comes from lighting. We are looking for when lights are typically on and what types of lighting are used. From there, we can figure out how we can improve the energy efficiency of our lighting.

What happens at the home visit?

One of our technicians will visit your home on the scheduled time and date. The visit will take approximately 1-2 hours. During that visit they will observe the lighting in your home and install up to 8 light loggers. A light logger is a small device that measures 2'' x 1'' x 1/2'' (See photo above). They’re battery operated and their only job is to record a timestamp each time the light turns on or off. Simple, easy, and effective, we attach them to your lights. The logger will be recording for about 8 months. Lighting needs fluctuate throughout the seasons, so we need to monitor your lights for several months.

What will you measure? Will my data be shared?

The logger ONLY provides a timestamp for each time the light is turned on or off. It uses an internal sensor that only tracks light changes - no recordings of sound or video. None of your data will be shared. Your personal information and address will not even be attached to the data that is collected.

How do I qualify?

You must be a homeowner living in one of the PA, MD, or NJ (we have completed our study in MA, RI, and CT). You need to be 18 years of age or older and must be on site for the initial appointment. You must also agree that we can come back in the Summer of 2020 to uninstall the loggers.

What do I get for participating?

Before we leave your home you'll get a $150 Amazon gift card. When we return to pick up the light loggers next Summer you'll get another $50 Amazon gift card. At that time we also can provide you with a personalized home energy usage report to help you understand your home lighting usage and opportunities to save. 

Don't forget that we're also offering an additional $50 Amazon gift card for every homeowner you refer into the program before the deadline. 

What past customers have said...

“The technician who came out was professional and efficient – such an easy way to contribute to our energy crisis and make a little money on the side.” 

-Marge V., New York 

“Ridgeline provides excellent customer service. I’d be happy to do more studies in the future.” 

-Brett G., Massachusetts 

“Had a great experience – very friendly and knowledgeable technician, he answered all of our questions.” 

-Joan P., Maryland

“I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that you guys do a really good job. I was hesitant to sign up for a study, but it was painless. Thanks guys!

-Arthur M., Virginia

“The whole process was an easy way to earn some extra cash.” 

-Shelby C., Connecticut 

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